Hannah & Nemo's
Eco-Folk Art

2017 Events

L.E.A.F. (Llano Earth Art Fest)
March 10-13, 2017
Llano, TX

The Best of Texas Hill Country
March 31-April 1, 2017
Fredericksburg, TX

Fiesta Arts Fair
April 22-23, 2017
San Antonio, TX

King William Fair
April 29, 2017
San Antonio, TX

Cottonwood Art Festival
May 6-7, 2017
Richardson, TX

Prairie Village Art Show
June 2-4, 2017
Prairie Village, KS

Omaha Summer Arts Festival
June 9-11, 2017
Omaha, NE

Cherry Creek Arts Festival
July 1-3, 2017
Denver, CO

Plaza Art Fair
September 22-24, 2017
Kansas City, MO


We create interactive moving mosaics from aluminum cans which we collect from friends, relatives, strangers, and garbage cans. Days, and sometimes months, go into the collecting, planning, and fabrication of our art work. We use a variety of hole-punchers and a hammer and nails to mount the aluminum discs to plywood in a grid pattern that creates the glimmering textile effect of our pieces. Each loosely-mounted disc retains the original color, pattern or graphic from the actual can - we do not paint them.

We use aluminum cans in our art work due to their abundance and their relative ease of manipulation. Utilizing cans allows us to do our part to the help the environment while creating something beautiful. Mounting discs in a grid formation answers our need to convey a sense of structure and organization, a desire which stems from our design backgrounds. The inherent movement of the discs creates a level of versatility for the patron, allowing for daily interaction and ever-changing light reflectivity. They are so sensitive to motion, they will move in the imperceptible breeze of a fan or vent, the stirring of air as someone walks past, and even with the vibration of a surround sound music system. Our pieces are designed to be displayed indoors – we cannot guarantee their longevity if mounted outdoors.


Hannah Dreiss & Nemo are self-proclaimed Eco-Folk Artists, who create textile-like interactive mosaic assemblages from common materials – wood, nails, and discarded aluminum cans. Utilizing low-tech tools such as hole-punchers and hammers, the couple transforms common beverage cans into reflective, multi-colored, flickering tapestries that seem to move of their own accord.

Hannah & Nemo’s use of aluminum cans correlates with their compulsion to recycle and conserve in every aspect of their life, but has evolved into a representation of the conflict between consumerism and environmentalism, depicting what is essentially a time capsule of contemporary graphic design. By utilizing hundreds of tiny fragmented details from aluminum can graphics, the couple hopes to give their audience an appreciation for the fleeting beauty of the everyday mundane that might otherwise be lost to history.

Part-time residents of the Texas Hill Country and full-time van dwellers, the couple have been making art since 2004. Although not formally trained in art, Hannah & Nemo have been influenced by their study of architecture, incorporating elements of design theory such as color, pattern, space, texture, repetition, and movement to articulate their aesthetic concept through traditional construction techniques.


1. How long do these take to make?
We can punch about 1000 discs per day and hammer about 250 nails per hour. A 12x24 piece takes about 8-10 hours over the course of several days. For the average person, it would probably take about 2-3 months, assuming they don’t give up half way through.

2. How do you punch the holes?
With a hole-puncher.

3. Where do you get all the cans?
Mostly from the garbage.

4. Do you ever cut yourself?
No. But the average person probably would.

5. Do you sell online?
Not at this time.

6. Do you accept commissions?
Not at this time.

7. Can these go outside?
No, they are designed to be displayed indoors.

8. How do you clean these?
Dust with a dry paint brush in downward stokes.

9. Have you ever heard of the African artist El Anatsui?
Yes, we are familiar with his work.